The Doodlebow

  A simple, tried and tested, aid to teaching pupils how to hold violin, viola and cello bows

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Replace the pencil idea by teaching the bow hold with this SIMPLE PLASTIC TEACHING AID which is as light as a pencil, but has the authentic feel of the real bow frog.

Although it is possible to play a few simple tunes or even pass some early grades with a poor bow hold (e.g straight little finger and gripping thumb), it is much better to start pupils off with a really good bow hold (with both thumb and little finger rounded and relaxed)

"Don't GRIP, relax your bow hold, ... remember the magic words "Rounded and Relaxed"


Get them to practise their finger and thumb FLEXIBILITY exercises by "DOODLING" with this new simulated teaching bow at any time of the day !

More advanced playing requires finger and wrist flexibilty. It is particularly important in the little finger and the thumb.